Understanding the Dangers of Living in Cape Coral


Cape Coral Real Estate invites you to discover Florida’s best kept secret. We have homes of all sizes, many with water access to the Gulf of Mexico. We can help you find your dream home, but we should warn you, you’d better buy a house with a guest room!

We feel we must warn you of the dangers of living in Cape Coral.


You will have visitors

  • Grandkids will want to attend “Camp Grandma and Grandpa”, and they will want to go to Disney World or Harry Potter World with you.
  • Your grandkids will want you to take them out fishing on the Gulf of Mexico. They’ll want you to teach them boating rules too.
  • Old friends will insist on visiting you when you live in Cape Coral. Can you blame them? You live in paradise!

Some of them may stay for good

  • Don’t be surprised if your cousin Tom, a veteran, moves into the neighborhood to take advantage of the new Lee County VA Healthcare Center.
  • Your boating buddy from up north may decide that his boat is longing for southern waters where it can be used year round, not just a few months in the summer.
  • Your entrepreneurial daughter-in-law may realize that the business climate in Florida, with its tax breaks and trade zones, is perfect for her next project.
  • Your retired parents might realize that their pension income will last longer in a state with no personal income tax.

You’ve been warned!

Cape Coral Real Estate has decades of experience to put to work for you. We can find you your dream home. Call (239) 826-6208 today to talk to one of our experts.