Outdoor Activities Around Cape Coral

If you undertaking some research for a move to Cape Coral, Florida you’ll be looking into some of the activities in the area. We are a real estate company dedicated to finding our clients the house which best suits their needs and desires. Once we’ve found you a house and you’ve moved in and made it a home, you’ll want to start exploring. In coming blogs, we’ll be covering some of the many activities that you’ll find in the area. This week we’ll cover Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve.


This green gem of an eco-park is located on the Calossahatchee River. It is made up of 365 acres and offers a walking trails a mangroves forest. The brackish wetlands are teeming with wildlife. Brackish water occurs where salty sea water mixes with fresh inland water, creating a unique ecosystem. If you want more activity than the leisurely walk will give you, bring your canoe or kayak and go for a paddle. There is a nature center to learn about the area and a picnic area for you to enjoy.


Be sure to bring your camera to capture some shots of the amazing wildlife here. You are likely to see a wide variety of waterbirds and mammals, even, if you are lucky, one of the area’s famous Burrowing Owls. This park is ADA compliant and pet friendly, so long as they are on leashes. Entrance is free and available from sunrise to sunset, year round.


We are so excited for you to move here and start exploring. This area truly has something for everyone. But first, we need to get you your dream house. That’s easier here than you might imagine. The market here is great and the houses are so affordable! Call us today at (239) 826-6208 and we’ll get you started!