Cape Coral / Fort Myers Area Beaches

At Cape Coral Real Estate, we are really enthusiastic about the area in which we live. We feel we are really lucky people to have discovered and made a home in the Cape Coral / Fort Myers area. As realtors and long-time residents, we know the real estate market in detail; we know the areas, the neighborhoods and, of course, the housing market. We are committed to giving the highest level of personal service to all our clients.

If you are considering relocating to the Cape Coral / Fort Myers area, there are plenty of things to consider. This area is business friendly, family friendly, close to major airport, has great veterans care and, oh, lets get to the point: beaches! For the next few blogs, we are going to turn the spotlight on a few of the area beaches. The first one we’ll look at is San Carlos Bay / Bunche Beach.

Bunche Beach is a hidden gem. It may be off the beaten track, but it’s worth seeking out.

One of the favored activities at this beach is walking. It may seem simple, but here you are going to come across a number shells and not all of them uninhabited! There are lots of hermit crabs to watch scurrying about. And where there are hermit crabs, there are birds looking for a tasty snack. Birdwatchers will love this location. There are tidal pools here, so you can always find something of interest taking shelter in the low tide. If you are a photographer, this a magnificent place to watch the sunset.

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