Cape Coral Beaches 1/2

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We know that one of the big draws of this area is the beaches. We are going to cover some of the local beaches so that when you move to the area, you’ll know some sandy get-a-ways to head to when it’s time to take a break from unpacking the moving boxes.

This week we’ll take a quick look at Bonita Beach Park. Located just down the coast near Bonita Springs, this beach offers restroom, shelters with grills and tables, a playground and a sand volleyball court. It may not be the most secluded park in the area, but all the activities lend themselves nicely to family outings. We’ve heard there are excellent restaurants in the area as well to feed the troops who will surely have worked up an appetite.

We are sure that very soon after moving here, you’ll have discovered your own favorite beach and will be as eager to share it as we are about this whole area! Call us today at (239) 826-6208 and we’ll work hard to find you the gem among the  houses for sale in Fort Myers and Cape Coral.